Clean Games – A New Approach To Cleanups

Countries trying to tackle environmental pollution have to consider economical and legal issues, but for a lasting change, it is also paramount to work on education. Environmental activists are increasingly looking towards non-standard methods to bring people to ecological thinking. In Russia, they came up with an idea that turns cleaning trash in nature into a game; combining outdoor activity with mobile technologies.

What are biodegradable plastics? The need for a clarified terminology

Our Knowledge Team has put together a comprehensive summary on bioplastics. The article below gives an overview and clarity on the terminology surrounding biodegradable plastics, their different uses and standards used in various regions. A one-page summary is available at the end of the article.

The Female Leaders from a Land of Conflict

Our country leader for Indonesia, Agustina, writes about her and her colleague Widya’s life growing up in a conflict situation and how they have become strong female leaders brining positive environmental change.

Children Initiate Cleanup Campaign in Israel

The garbage littering Israel’s streets and nature areas is disturbing, and оver the past year the country tripled the budget for dealing with this challenge, according to Environmental Protection Minister Zeev Elkin.

A Journey towards Zero Waste Shopping

We often look around us and see problems that need fixing. Coming up with the right solutions can be difficult, especially when dealing with a huge global problem like waste. The problem is enormous, with a number of different aspects, stakeholders, causes, and effects – and so many possible solutions. We’ve tried to tackle one element of this huge problem with our own unique solution. Below is our story, which shows that the initial solution might not always be the one you end up with.

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